Who's your Valentine?
Tell me...

Did you write and give out valentines at school when you were a kid? 
Did you upgrade to candy valentines or keep it "old school"?  
Did you make them yourself or buy them? 
What is the best Valentine you ever received? 

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day now?  
Love it, hate it, roll your eyes at it? A mix of all three? 

How did Valentine's Day get to be such a big thing?  Many people say it’s Hallmark’s fault.  It’s a commercial gimmick.  But I beg to differ.  I think Valentine’s Day became such a big deal because of people’s deep desire and need to love and to be loved in return.  

Think about it…..

  1. Let’s look at young love:  a young girl or boy falls head over heels for the kid next door or two desks away at school.  It’s all-consuming.  You begin to question everything about yourself.  Am I pretty enough?  Am I thin enough?  Am I strong enough?  Are my teeth too crooked?  Is my laugh too annoying? What if they don’t love me too?
  2. Maybe you write “the note”!  You know … "the note”…the one that gets smuggled into his or her hands through some secret underground operation (aka your BFF). Operation Valentine.  Then you wait…you wait for his or her reply.  You might even tell said BFF something like “I’ll just die if he doesn’t like me back” 
  3. Of course, he does!  And when you get that note back, when he asks you to go out with him, when he signs the note “Love,_____( insert name)” Your heart goes pitter-patter, your stomach does flip flops and you feel like you could do anything!! You could conquer the world!  Someone loves you and you have never been happier.
  4. Then the inevitable happens…you get your heartbroken.  Your first love is shattered into a million pieces and you are sure nothing will ever hurt more.  Thus begins a long cycle for many people.  The cycle of trying to be good enough or pretty enough; finding love, losing love, feeling insecure, trying again etc etc.  
Then, for those of us who are married, it finally happens…you find THE ONE.  You get married and from that day on, Valentine’s Day is never the same.  The honeymoon ends. Last week I talked a little bit about broken marriages. But not every broken marriage ends in divorce, some look more like two roommates living in the same house but living entirely different lives.  Some roommates get along and others do not.  The chocolates and flowers are long forgotten. Now of course this doesn’t happen to everyone but if it has happened to you, you understand what it means to lower your expectations.  Hopefully, you also realize that if you are not working on your marriage, you just might be working on your divorce. (Dr. Dave’s very poignant quote)

Why am I talking about all of this?  Because I think this year we should think about giving the valentine that will never disappoint, never get old or wilt.  The valentine with the greatest love story ever written.  The love that will never fade away in passing years, will never become mundane, will never lack excitement.  

It’s the one Valentine’s Day gift that has the power to heal and reunite!

The bible is by far the best love story ever written.  Open your bible and read John 3:16. I know you probably know this verse but take a moment to read it in the book it was written in.  Read the verses around it and realize there is more to that story. 

Your Valentine is Jesus but he is more than just a valentine, he is love incarnate.  This Valentine has eyes only for you.  In his eyes, you will see your beauty, your ability, your worth, your greatness, your future, your hope, your calling.  You are called to be loved and to give love.  So maybe this year for Valentine's Day, you give Jesus.  If you do, be ready for nothing to ever be the same again.

Check out my Tea Talk Tuesday on this topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESYkwOjwgMY&feature=youtu.be

SONG SUGGESTION:  “First Love” by Chris Tomlin
Essential Oil suggestion: Joy, Sacred Mountain - two blends that encourage feelings of love, security and hope.  Use with of them during prayer or to start your day.

Resources for you: 
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