All Your Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength
Friends, I have been thinking a lot lately about the charge we have as Christians to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and just what that looks like... in the day to day.  When you give God your whole heart, what does it change in your life? Well, it should change a great deal.  It should change how we look at others, how we view the daily tasks before us, how we feel about ourselves.

Remember the first time you fell in love?  Remember how your every thought and action was consumed with that other person?  You would think about them ALL the time, dream about them at night, dress for them in the morning, find ways to spend more time get the picture.  I remember my first love. Way back then, we didn't have texting and social media to grow our relationship.  We relied on good old-fashioned note passing!  You know, the notes you prayed the teacher wouldn't see.  The note that got left outside in a bush for you to get or the one your BFF would pass to you.  You'd read it over and over until the creases started to tear a bit.  It was exciting to read those words, to feel the flutters in your stomach and to feel the love that you were longing for. 

Have you ever felt that in your faith?  Have you ever truly fallen in love with God?  Or is faith, religion, church etc just something someone else decided for you your whole life and does it even matter?  Do you find yourself thinking about God?  Are you aware of His presence?  Do you get the flutter when you feel His unconditional love for you?  Do you spend time getting to know Him and do you make choices from the way you dress and what you watch or read all the way up to major life decisions based on your love affair with Him?

As an Oola Life Coach, I work with clients on balancing 7 key areas of life and FAITH is one of them.  For many, fitness and finance are the two biggies, while faith is often twd the bottom on the goal pile. If that is you, I'd like to challenge you with this thought:   

What would your life look like and more specifically, what would your fitness and finances look like if you had more faith?  More faith in yourself, more faith in the God who created you, more faith in your worth?

I believe that faith is an accelerator!  A key that starts the engine and keeps you rolling. Something that will take you further, higher, and deeper than you ever imagined was possible.  It's a tall order love with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength is our charge.  May I encourage you that this goal is worth every ounce of effort and when once achieved, just might change EVERYTHING! 

Here is a link to the video where I talk more about this topic with regards to your Christian walk of faith.  Let me know your thoughts.  So happy to hear from you and always here to help if you need it.   Midlife Mommas on a Mission: video
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  1. Carrie! Key point. Thanks for posting it. An analogy that comes to my mind is one of those moody days when the clouds and the sun frequently cast their moods on us. We can look out the window at the same yard under cloud cover or lit up by the sun but our perspective changes for each. For me, I am so much more inspired to do something in the sun. It’s the same yard but the sun calls me out, energizes me, nurtures a desire in me to tidy up the yard more… Our faith is the sun. It lights up those dreary parts of our lives, finances, fitness, relationships, etc. Without faith much of life is drudgery. It’s a miserable existence and I’ve experienced it as has probably everyone. The tough parts of life don’t disappear when we are living in faith but we are far better equipped to deal with them as well as less bothered by them. Ultimately through faith we see all as gift: finances, fitness, and especially relationships. Then those things inspire gratitude in us. To truly be joy filled we need faith. It lights our lives and allows us to be who we were meant to be. Thanks cousin! Love, Dan
    Carrie Ford AUTHOR  11/06/2021 07:53 AM Central
    Thanks for that perfect analogy! We crave the sun and indeed are energized by it. I use the sun analogy when speaking about adoration sometimes. If you spend time in the sun it changes you. You get warm and tan (or burnt if you’re my Irish relative 😉)

    As also happens, we are changed when we spend time with the Son. Even if we can’t seem to focus or aren’t “in the mood “. Like the very old song Great Things Happen When Good Mixes With Us, we should all desire to spend time in the sun and WITH the Son.

    Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughtful insights Dan! Another blog topic in there for sure!

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