Be Fearless

Be Fearless
“The question isn’t who is going to let me. It’s who is going to stop me.” I love this quote attributed to philosopher Ayn Rand. It reminds me of my daughter.  She’s in the military and she is fearless!  In fact just today she went sky diving over the Grand Canyon.  Last week she rescued 3 passengers from a boat that was on fire and eventually sank.  She camps on mountains in the snow with only her bear spray to protect her.  She goes after what she wants without fear! No one could stop her, even if they wanted to. 

But while it’s interesting to reflect on the many times other people may have stopped us from achieving what we want in life, have you ever considered that the one person most frequently stopping you might be . . . YOU? 

In their bestselling book, Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World, authors Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl describe a series of “Blockers”—those habits, behaviors and mindset that keep us from pursuing the greatness that’s within us. For instance, if you’ve ever gotten an opportunity to achieve a long-time goal—only to overthink it and stop yourself from moving forward—that’s you putting the skids on your own future. So what are these Blockers that we subconsciously use to keep ourselves from living an amazing life? I’ll be sharing all 7 of them with you over the next few weeks. But let’s talk today about the first one: FEAR. What kinds of things are we normally afraid of? Our first job interview, starting our own business, moving away from our hometown, speaking up at the office, having “the conversation” with an elderly parent. These are all things that happen every day throughout the world. And other people survive them. The reality is that, most of the time, the paralyzing effects of fear are simply unjustified. As long as your gut instinct (and the facts) aren’t telling you there’s real danger, it’s OK to stay the course, focus on the bigger picture, gather more information, and make your move.

However, if fear is a frequent stopping point for you, we should talk privately. When I am coaching people through the 10 Week Transform program, the blockers is where we often spend the most time.  The  10-week coaching experience designed to help you break through these Blockers and transform your life, your finances, your relationships and more. Message me and we can jump on a call about it.  You do NOT need to let fear take any more opportunities from you!

If you are an essential oil user, apply Valor to your shoulders and over your heart.  That oil combo is dubbed liquid courage for a reason.  All you need is 7 seconds of courage to overcome fear!

Then stay tuned for the next few weeks for even more ways to move past blockers to your amazing life . . . Oola style.