#Blurry2Focusedin7: Transformation
“There’s always a way . . . if you’re committed.” 
I love this quote from Tony Robbins, (author of Unlimited Power). It gives us hope for a bigger, brighter future. 
But it also comes with a warning: you gotta stay on task. 

If you’ve been following my blog & posts recently, you’ve already decided what you want in life . . . and you’ve researched the steps to get there. Now, it’s time to “stay on task.” Here’s a strategy I love (and am applying to my own life!) that I learned from The OolaGuys, Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl, founders of my worldwide Oola Coaching Network. The three of us are working together to bring my friends and those that follow me an effective path to the life you want—where you’re balanced, happy, and growing. We call it the OolaLife!

Grab a 3x5 card and divide it in half by drawing a vertical line down the center. List the things you have to accomplish for work on one half—and the things you have to accomplish at home on the other. Whether it’s finishing that sales report or running errands—whatever is important today—write it down. 

If you want to start your own business, for instance— because you know you could earn more and have time freedom, too—could you write down: “Contact the local SCORE office to find a business startup mentor”? If your dream life includes retiring early, could you write down: “Contact a financial planner for help calculating how much money I’ll need”? Instead of being faced with a big scary task list, you can break down major tasks into smaller actions for your 3x5 card: a few every day until they’re complete. 

As a Certified Oola Life Coach, I help clients create a set of goals, then prioritize their tasks and—most importantly— stay accountable to accomplishing them week by week. In fact, I’ve joined forces with Dave and Troy to bring people the Oola formula via a 10-week coaching experience designed to transform your life, your finances, your relationships and more. 

If the word “transformation” is a word that makes you feel hopeful (even if nervous or doubtful), message me and we can jump on a call about it.  What’s the first step YOU can take toward your goals? Drop a comment below and share what you will do.


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