"Making a Splash" ~How to make a difference in a great big ocean

 Making A SplashWe all want to make a splash or leave our mark on the world right?  We want to be remembered, we want to make a difference, we want to make an impact.  But how often do we stop to think about what kind of splash we are making? 

I've been thinking a lot about this over these past months.  Like so many others, the "usual" way I make an impact and help people was taken from me in the midst of a global pandemic.  So what now? Also like many others, I turned to the digital options...live videos, zoom meetings, inspirations quotes etc. But in the midst of media mayhem and digital overload, my contributions seem small or insignificant...kinda like throwing a pebble into the ocean!

A Pebble
It’s so small and insignificant compared to vast body of water it gets tossed into.  That pebble lands in the water and begins its decent.  It has no idea what is happening up above.  It doesn’t see the splash it made or the ripple affect that can cover a great distance on top of that body of water.  Are you a pebble that makes a splash but never takes time to notice the ripple affect we are having on those around us?

The Wake ~  aka The Aftermath
One of the definitions of the word wake is the “aftermath”...which to me mean the consequence.  I have struggled with debilitating back issues for over 20 yrs.  One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is water ski or tube.  Because of the changes I have been implementing in my life these past few years, I finally had the opportunity a few weeks ago to do a little tubing!  The driver of the boat was kind to me and kept be behind...between the waves of the wake.  My son however, was tossed up, over and through the air as his tube hit the wake (on purpose)

It made me think about the wake that each one of us leaves behind us as we go through life. What happens AFTER... after we make the choices we make or do the things we do? 

In my next blog I want to share with you about an encounter with a driver on the NY thruway recently and the damage he left in his wake.  

You can check out the video version here too...