My Adoption Journey: From Chains to Freedom
This single word can have such wide and broad implications.  For some it can mean the happiest day of their life and for another, the hardest decision they ever had to make.  If you are the woman who chose to give her child up for adoption you may have spent your life time of motherhood wondering if you’d made the right choice or perhaps, if knowing you did, wondering how your baby turned out.  If you are the mother who adopted her child, you may spend your life of motherhood fearing that one day you might be replaced or wondering if a part of your child doesn’t feel connected to you.  

Adoption is such a bitter sweet gift in so many ways.  It can be what you prayed for after learning you could not have children of your own.  It can be the very best choice when faced with a difficult decision.  It can mean a family for a child who wouldn’t have otherwise had one.  It can mean belonging.  It might create a legacy of the adopted adopting. 

However, it can also feel like rejection. It can feel very lonely & isolating.  I can make someone feel like they are unable to truly connect to another.  Let’s face it, adoption can be messy…at least when we are talking about matters of the heart and mind. 

I’d like to take you on my own adoption journey and hope that it might resonate with you, wherever and whoever you may be when you see the word “adoption” here.  Perhaps you were adopted, perhaps you adopted or perhaps you just never felt like you connected 100% with a single person in the whole wide world.  

Here are some of the things I will be talking about in this new blog series: 

  • How do you manage expectations on when you finally find a person you have wondered about your entire life?
  • How much of who you are is wrapped up in who you were? 
  • What is in a name? 
  • Is it fair to insert yourself into to life of the one who gave you away? 
  • What about the mother that raised you? 
  • Your identity as a child of God first. 
  • When you AND your birth mother are in midlife at the same time
  • What is your role now and how is your story changing? 
In my next post, I will talk about how my story began...

What do you do when the story you told yourself turns out to be a lie?


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