It is my passion to inspire people to connect to their God-given greatness and purpose through music, messages and prayer

I have been a missionary for over 30 years!  
When I realized that I was kind of stunned.  Had it really been that long?  It seems like just a few years ago that I graduated from high school and headed out to California to begin my training.  From there I traveled to 25 different countries sharing a message of hope and the beauty of God's unfailing love with people of all ages.  I use my music & personal testimonies to connect and communicate.

 I am especially passionate about my work with teens and women.  It seems that no matter what country or culture I was in, teens and women everywhere underestimated their worth and their potential.  The grass wasn't greener on someone else's continent after all.  I made it my lifelong mission to eradicate hopelessness by helping others connect in a deeper, more personal way to the God who created them on purpose, for a purpose! 

About Me
Wife, Momma & Missionary
Three beautiful vocations that I have spent the majority of my life growing and serving in.   At times my mission field may have been in remote places in Africa or South America but my mission field has also been my kitchen and laundry room or the classrooms I taught in or the music ministries I directed and even the social media spaces I occupy.  It is my mission and my passion to be both a student and a teacher in this life. 

I married my best friend from high school and we have two pretty great kids.  One serves in Coast Guard now and the other is studying and plans to serve in the Airforce as he pursues his law degree.  

My husband and I recently sold our home and many of our possessions to live life differently.  We are discerning where God will be leading us to serve next and wanted to be ready to go where He leads.  It's an exciting place to be in life!

Currently, I am a retreat facilitator, keynote speaker and certified life coach. I am the CEO of Beautiful Balanced Living where I help people find balance, growth & purpose in 7 key areas of life.  

I continue to joyfully serve as music director of our church, teach private lessons and collaborate with Let Me Be Ministries.  Together we are touring the country with our event called Restore. A powerful program about restoring the family.  

It's a busy but oh so beautiful life and I am so blessed to be living it! 
Thank you for allowing me to tell you my story.

Carrie Ford Music & Ministry
I would value an opportunity to talk to you more about the best way to serve your community and support you in your ministry.  Let's connect!

My Favorite Ministry Events
Here are a few of my favorite ministry opportunities
contact me for more info or let's design a program just for you!


Keynote Speaker
Conferences, Conventions, School & 
Community Events
No audience is too big or small. I've worked in front of thousands on massive stages or in living rooms for small groups. 

Retreat Facilitator
Teen, Sacramental &
Women's retreats

Full day, Half day & Weekend retreats available 
as well as single evening retreat moments

Concerts & Faith Building Church Events
Intimate moments of music with a message
I share original music, scripture & stories from my 30+ years as a missionary, themed for your group or season.  

Contact me for more info on any of these programs or let's design something just for you!