Empowering and equipping women to build their best beautiful balanced life!

Ladies, do you ever wake up in the morning, head into the bathroom, look in the mirror and say "Still?" Do you ever wonder if life will always be like this? Are you someone who believes to the very depths of your soul that you were created for more than what you are living right now? Do you wish you could be healthier, have more fun and less debt, spend more time with family and friends? Are you overworked, overstressed, or overtired?

If you answered "yes" to any of those then this is for you!

I am looking for the next group of women who want to take an honest look at where they are, have or desire a vision for where they want to be and are ready to set action goals to get there.  If you have been waiting for a powerful framework that will give you the tools you need to go from being a survivor to a "thriver", the powerful and proven Oola lifestyle framework is all that and more!  It would be my privilege to be your Bootcamp Coach.  Allow me to share with you the very same Oola system that took me from disabled, depressed and barely holding on to an active, joy-filled, thriving woman who is finally walking in her purpose!   

The next Live Balance Bootcamp opportunities start soon!  
Three weeks of personal self-development work and 4 group coaching zooms. 

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Coach Carrie

This 3-week program will be a combination of focused personal tasks and four 45-60 minute weekly group coaching sessions through zoom.  It is based on the powerful 3 week, 1:1 coaching program, "Unstuck" for you to begin your personal Oola journey. 

You will learn: 
🛠 How to evaluate where you are at and what areas are in most need of your 
attention (this might actually surprise you) 
🛠 How to not only cope with your feelings of past failures but work through them 
and make positive changes. (I‘ve tried to lose weight before, I can’t ever save $, I’m stuck in this job, I don’t have time for...) 
🛠 How to bring balance into 7 key areas of life: friends, family, fun, fitness, finances, faith, and field (which is your career)
🛠 How to take back your future and learn to dream again. 

Bootcampers Special!!
There are new Life Balance Bootcamps starting all the time
And we have saved a spot just for YOU!
This past year has brought about many changes and challenges, so it is with that in mind I created the Thriver discount.  The $147 LBBcamps will be discounted to help more people go from surviving to thriving again!
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For only $127!

Camper Testimonials
Real women, heartfelt experiences. 
What they are saying about the Oola Life Balance Bootcamp experience

"I absolutely would recommend this to a friend!”

"I wouldn't change a thing! I believe my Oola experience will become a life-altering experience in creating more balance and meaning in my work and life!

"It really impacted me to realize I still have dreams inside of me that I didn't even know were there!  Before the Bootcamp, my dreams were not really for me, they were for my children.  This helped me realize that I need and deserve to have dreams for myself too!

"Carrie kept it real and down to earth, shared her own experiences and examples of how the Oola approach to life can make a difference for the better.  Her enthusiasm and magnetic kindness kept me wanting to come back for more."

"I now have the tools to make dreams and goals come true!"

"My experience has been amazing. I feel like a different person. I have been able to look at things in my life I never really thought to look at and analyze and be able to see them in a different way. I was able to sort through everything in my head and decide what I really wanted. 

It's nice to have that cheerleader letting you know you are doing good. I feel more confident in my decisions and goals than I ever thought I would.  I now have the tools, other than me just wanting it, to be able to make those dreams and goals come true!"

"I Iove the 3 actions a day. It helps my life in a real way"

“As an empty nester and trying to figure out my life this was definitely eye-opening."

“Doing the Oola Wheel was amazing.  I love the 3 actions a day - it helps my life in a real way.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure what I signed up for, it was outside my comfort zone.  Now having gone through it, I wouldn’t change a thing."  

"Carrie is fabulous! Her energy is unbelievably inspiring.  She was born to help others.  I would definitely recommend this to others.”