"Wrap it Up": The gift of 2020
For countless people, December is a month for celebrating and focusing on family, friends and what’s truly important. It’s a month for great food and fun times . . . and giving gifts. This year may look different for you but I bet there are still gifts to buy and gifts to wrap!  I used to take 1-2 days while the kids were in school to wrap ALL the gifts.  It's going to be tricky this year since my son is doing school remotely but I can get creative with my wrapping, how about you?

But before you get out the wrapping paper and ribbon, why not inventory your accomplishments over the past year and recommit to the things you wish you’d done?

It’s time to look at 2020 and wrap it up!

If you’ve been following me over the last several months, you know I’m big into creating balance and lowering stress in 7 major areas of life. It’s something I learned from “The OolaGuys”—Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl, authors of the international bestselling book Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World. 

They recommend (and I do, too) taking inventory to see where you’re at – and determine how you’ll get to where you want to be. So which loose ends do you need to “wrap up” before the end of 2020? And what do you need to do in 2021 to live the life you want? 

Wrap It Up: Incompletes from 2020 

Fitness: Health condition that needs to be handled?
Finance: Did you meet those goals for saving? Estate planning overdue? 
Family: Crucial conversations you need to have? 
Field: That talk with management about a promotion? Is this really where you want to be? 
Faith: That Bible study guide you bought months ago? 
Friends: Catch up calls to friends who’ve drifted away? 
Fun: Travel photos framed or put in a Shutterfly book? 

Whatever you need to wrap up this year, why not spend December focusing on it? 
And while you’re busy completing those incompletes, why not dream a little about the life you want to create in 2021? 

Whatever your plans for next year, I can help you stay focused on them. In fact, I’ve joined forces with The OolaGuys to bring the Oola formula via a 10-week coaching experience designed to transform your life, your finances, your relationships and more. 

I’m here to help 2021 be a breakthrough year for you. 
Message me and we can jump on a free call about it. 


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